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Why it’s essential to know First Aid in 2024

Why it’s essential to know First Aid in 2024

Why it’s essential to know First Aid in 2024 610 610 Quantum First Aid

As the new years kicks off once again it is inevitable not to engage with someone talking about new year resolutions. 2024 will bring new challenges and demand on the spot decision making in many different scenarios, and it is therefore vital you know how to look after yourself and others in a medical emergency.

You may be waiting longer than anticipated for an ambulance, so what you do in those first few vital minutes could be critical to someone’s survival.

Make 2024 the year you set one realistic goal, one that is both achievable and beneficial to you, your family and the community. Please don’t be the person regretting you didn’t know how to help or what to do.

Why first aid is so essential.

Accidental injury is one of the major causes of death in the UK for children over the age of one. Statistically there are more children die annually from accidents than from illnesses such as Leukaemia and Meningitis. Every year about one million children under the age of 18 are taken to A&E units as a result of an accident at home. Only 9% of UK parents are confident and prepared to perform first aid on their children.

An understanding of basic first aid skills can mean the difference between life and death. You will influence recovery times, control pain and how long they may need to spend in hospital. Good first aid carried out in a timely manner might result in the child not needing medical intervention at all.

However, it is quite frightening that 4/5 parents have no knowledge of basic first aid procedures that may save their child’s life. Unfortunately, children have accidents, it just happens to be a fact of life. Thankfully most accidents are minor but it makes good sense to know what to do if an incident occurs which is more serious.

The following RoSPA UK statistics make alarming reading:

500,000 children need to go to casualty annually after accidents at home.

Every year in the UK there are approximately 6000 deaths as a result of home accidents.

125,000 children die or are injured in garden accidents.

20,000 children attend A&E departments with burns.

5,804 children are injured in road traffic accidents.

3,227 children are injured as car passengers.

100 children die from severe burns every year.

70 children are killed on the roads every week.

Most common medical emergencies for babies and toddlers:



Head injuries

Cuts and bruises

Unconscious or not breathing

Most of the injuries that occur about the home can be avoided. By recognising and having some understanding of potential risks in the home, there are some basic safety steps you can take to keep children safe. Children cherish the idea of exploring their environment and so they should. But for peace of mind ensure you know what to do if an accident occurs by making sure you have a good quality first aid kit and enrol on a first aid course.

Quantum First Aid Training

Why not book onto one of our practical courses now. Learn how to do CPR, what to do if your child is choking or bleeding badly. The skills you take away with you just might save your child’s life.

We currently provide life saving first aid training for both individuals and groups throughout the UK. You can attend a fully regulated practical first aid course so you understand what to do in a medical emergency.