First Aid for Forestry Workers (EFAW + F and FAW + F)

First Aid courses for Forestry Workers delivered over 1 or 3 days.

These courses are statutory first aid qualifications in accordance with the current (Feb 12) Forestry Commission First Aid Policy, (+F) when this is based on individual risk assessment.

This course is highly practical, appropriate and specific to your working environment and outdoor activities.
The course is suitable for forestry workers, tree surgeons, National Park employees and rangers as well as those working in remote areas including steel erectors (pylons) and utility companies.

This specialist training course will allow you to deal with life threatening scenarios and outdoor casualty management and includes crush injuries, head and spinal injury management, catastrophic bleeding, chainsaw incidents and suspension trauma.

On successful completion of this course all candidates will receive either the EFAW or FAW certificate with the additional +F content included.
Please note that if you work in any of the above situations and you have already successfully completed the EFAW or FAW qualification we can deliver a special 3 hour training programme to further qualify you with the required skills in accordance with the Forestry Commission First Aid Policy.

The Forestry Commission requires that the following content should be included:

Emergency action plan for forestry and remote settings.

Major blood loss treatment

Crush Injuries


Lyme disease and Tick removal

Upcoming Courses

These courses run at the same time as the EFAW and FAW courses, so once you know which one you wish to do please refer to the dates set out for the 1 or 3 day course and book with the +F criteria bolted on.


EFAW+F – £90 For individuals, for group bookings please inquire.

FAW+F – £215 For individuals, for group bookings please inquire.

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